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Making sure your Marble and Granite countertops, firewalls, and quartz well all year round since 1990. Quality service and excellent workmanship is our promise to you.

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You’ll find one of the industry’s cleanest and most organized fabrication facilities and services with us. Our expert craftsmen work each piece of stone to almost perfection despite the use of numerous machinery, some of which are computer controlled. We have the greatest experience with it because we were the first to supply this thicker stone.

Marble Counters

Marble countertops are beautiful to look at, elegant, offer character, and are great for cooking, especially for baking. Few alternatives can compare to its beauty and timeless appeal.

But when we talk about marble with clients, maintenance and wearability issues frequently come up. Marble countertops might be right for you if you don’t mind them getting a little scuffed up and wearing down over time.

Quartz Countertops

One of the sturdiest minerals found on Earth is quartz. Quartz is a popular and dependable material for countertops because to its durability and abundance. Although quartz is a natural stone, it is occasionally referred to as “designed” or “man-made.”

Even among other stone counters like granite, quartz kitchen countertops stand out for a variety of reasons. Quartz kitchen countertops come in a wide range of hues, including brilliant whites, cool grays, warm creams, and deep browns and blacks. 

Granite Countertops

Quartz and solid surfaces, as well as rare granite and marble, are our areas of expertise at Colorado Marble & Granite Countertops. You will undoubtedly discover the ideal item to suit your requirements and price range. We are capable of turning your vision for a project into a reality thanks to our incredibly effective fabrication shop, rapid turnaround times, and committed workforce.

Learn more about the variety of Colorado Granite countertops we provide by visiting our showroom.

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“The team was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They did the work super quick. We are happy with our new quartz countertops. Would definitely recommend”

“They got us a quote the very same day on the weekend and the team was there to get things going just a couple of hours after we finished speaking on the phone. We are in live with the slab or granite that we chose. It looks great in our kitchen.”

“Great service and competitive pricing. The guys came in, installed the marble counters in our bathroom, got the sink hooked back up, and left the place cleaner than it was before. No high-pressure sales, just business – love it”

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